Jeffery Pugh

"Art has always dominated the direction of my life.  I remember that when I was very young, I would go to my grandmothers and paint little watercolors with her as she painted.  Even then, I remember learning the importance of seeing.  This has just continued through my life and has helped me learn and grow. It has filtered the way that I view my surroundings.  I no longer ignore the beauty of the landscape.  It isn’t just dirt and trees and sky.  It is a compound of colors and values and shapes.  As I continue to paint, I realize that I am just beginning to scratch this surface.  It has intrigued me and so I continue to paint in hopes to discover even more.”

Jeff graduated from the University of Utah in 2004 with a Degree in Painting and Drawing.  During this time, he has been showing his work throughout Utah and his work has been collected nationally.  He has been able to take advantage of several opportunities to study with John Erickson and Gary E. Smith, both of which have helped diversify and enrich his work.

Jeff lives in Millcreek, Utah with his wife Julia and three children Remlee, Benton

Jeffery Pugh
Day Dream by Jeffery Pugh
Day Dream
12 x 36 in.
Homeward Bound by Jeffery Pugh
Homeward Bound
18 x 24 in.
How Now Brown Cow by Jeffery Pugh
How Now Brown Cow
18 x 14 in.
Summer Medley by Jeffery Pugh
Summer Medley
30 x 30 in.
Summer Thunderhead by Jeffery Pugh
Summer Thunderhead
8 x 8 in.
Wall Flower by Jeffery Pugh
Wall Flower
12 x 24 in.
Watering Hole by Jeffery Pugh
Watering Hole
28 x 22 in.
Working Left to Right by Jeffery Pugh
Working Left to Right
12 x 36 in.