Rebecca Kinkead

Rebecca Kinkead’s paintings are “based on memories, both personal and borrowed. They are an attempt to explore a collective human experience.”

Since moving to Vermont about five years ago Kinkead has become a kind of celebrity artist; collected by Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King along with other collectors around the world. Born in 1968 in Natick, Massachusetts, Kinkead never envisioned herself as a painter until she was part-way through a master’s degree in education. Whether it was an epiphany or the painting bug, Kinkead attributes this moment as the defining decision of her life. She began with pottery but soon moved onto abstract painting.

“I’ve been painting for 16 years now and I feel like I’m just hitting my stride.” Few words have ever been more true. Kinkead has honed her style to fit a niche of abstract art that embodies moments of joy and triumph in everyday life. Although she has been honored internationally Kinkead chooses to paint at her studio in Vermont, capturing life’s moments of bliss.

b.  1968, Natick, Massachusetts

1998 &

Rebecca Kinkead
Grey Mare (Standing) by Rebecca Kinkead
Grey Mare (Standing)
46 x 44 in.