Michael Azgour

Movement is the translation of life, and if art depicts life, movement should come into art, since we are only aware of living because it moves.  – Arshile Gorky

My recent paintings are inspired by the impact of imagery on contemporary culture, referencing moments of transition, the inevitability of change, and the uncertainty of memory. I am interested in developing a visual language that speaks to our current experience of exposure to and integration of new technology, the persistence of traditional values despite changing global trends, and the subjective perception of reality. Together with a strong influence of art history and contemporary themes, my work is informed by a deep rooted interest in social and perceptual psychology, a reverence for color theory, and my personal experiences as a first generation American and living abroad in Eastern Europe.

The experience of living and working between Krakow and San Francisco for the past five years has given me new perspective, markedly impacting the direction of my work. I regularly look to my painting process to address cultural disparities by fusing ideas and imagery from diverse sources.

Michael Azgour
Desert: It Almost Slipped Away by Michael Azgour
Desert: It Almost Slipped Away
59 x 94.5 in.
Engagement by Michael Azgour
48 x 44 in.
Force of Nature by Michael Azgour
Force of Nature
39.5 x 67 in.
Integration: Woman Seated by Michael Azgour
Integration: Woman Seated
27.5 x 23.5 in.
Man in a Blue Coat by Michael Azgour
Man in a Blue Coat
23.5 x 19.5 in.
Presidio by Michael Azgour
24 x 20 in.
Racer by Michael Azgour
47 x 99 in.
Reflection by Michael Azgour
60 x 52 in.
Summertime Memory by Michael Azgour
Summertime Memory
60 x 64 in.