Kathy Taylor

As an intuitive artist, most of my work starts without an initial drawing but is preceded by many hours of study and contemplation. Mysticism, ancient civilizations and universal symbolism are reoccurring themes in much of my art. The process of discovering images in the medium, whether paint or clay, begins with an idea emerging into my consciousness.  A torn piece of paper, a mark on the canvas or in the clay, might be the impetus to begin the journey of creation.  As the piece develops the forms take shape. The process of elimination and addition, much like a sculptor, continues using gesso, paint and paper. The finished piece is not complete until I feel there is a confluence of form, movement and marks. This process may take many weeks or months.


Growing up in Southern California during the “60’s”, Kathy Taylor was exposed to endless change and a bohemian lifestyle.  She currently resides in Phoenix and calls the desert her home, but the influences from her formative years have played the greatest role in her journey as an artist.  Ever the “truth seeker,” Taylor has spent the past 35 yea

Kathy Taylor
Continuum by Kathy Taylor
24 x 48 in.
Life is a Delicate Thread by Kathy Taylor
Life is a Delicate Thread
20 x 30 in.
Living Gracefully by Kathy Taylor
Living Gracefully
20 x 20 in.
Movement in C Major by Kathy Taylor
Movement in C Major
36 x 12 in.